Haute Couture Suits

Haute couture suits over turn the concept of Bespoke

In collaboration with the skilled hands of master tailor, Mr. Nakayama(Twins&Co.)

Kastroma Image Consulting will deliver impeccably

fitted bespoke suits that incorporate your personal color and body line analysis. 

You would be able to discover a new and more energized you after putting on perfectly fitted Haute couture suits.

Please see here for details information about Twins&Co,

All design suggestions are made with consideration for your profession, age and the fabric you choose from both Experienced Proficient Fitter and Body-line analyst’s point of view,

Mr. Nakayama will typically bring hundreds of premium quality fabrics, but Tamiko, 

your personal colourist, will find the most suitable options within minutes of viewing.

        ◆Semi-Order Suits◆      3times visits (including 1 basting) Machine +Hand Made

        ◆Full-Order Suits◆      4times visits(including 2 basting) Totally Hand Made

As an added benefit, follow up service for how to coordinate Haute Couture suits into your wardrobe is included.

※Price for Haute Couture Suits included free personal colour analysis and body-line analysis.


All prices are tax included.